Frequently Asked Questions

I was unexpectedly absent.  How can I find out what I missed?

First, click on the tab for your class found in the menu at the top.  Then, click on the Weekly Plan that includes the day that you missed.  You will then see what you missed that day.  If you missed notes, you will need to get those from another student in the class.  If you missed handouts, you may get those by clicking on the handout link under the Assignment Documents heading.

I know that I am going to be absent on certain days.  How can I find out what I am going to miss?

It depends.  If the day(s) that you are going to miss is/are in the current week, you can check the Weekly Plan.   If your planned absence is farther in the future or includes more than 2-3 days, you will need to check in this website as the Weekly Plans get posted/updated.

What happens if I turn the gas knob at my table?

Nothing.  I have turned the gas off.

What happens if I mess with the water faucet and/or turn the water knob at my table?

There is a high probablility that you are going to get something wet.  If you damage the property that belongs to someone else, you are responsible for paying them for it.  This includes school and personal labtop computers.  There is a chance that you going to damage the water faucet.  If you cause damage that needs repair, you are responsible for making it right.

I did not turn in my work when you called for it in class.  Where can I turn it in now?

I know that you have put effort into you work, and I want to make sure that I grade your work and get it back to you.  I handle thousands of pieces of paper each year.   In order to ensure that I do not misplace your work, I have two places where work may be submitted: the black in-box at the front of the room that corresponds to the period of your class and the lab notebook crate that corresponds to your period.  These are the two places.

But your door was locked.  What do I do?

Hold on to your work, come back, and put it one of the two places that I have described above.  Period.


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